Strawberry heating: Radiation – Temperature

The relation of temperature with radiation is very important in plant development. It is one of the first subjects in plant architecture.
– If temperatures are low related to radiation, plants grow compact: more vegetative
– Relative high temperatures give long stretched plants: more generative

Below a table with the optimum relation between radiation (both radsum as well as Watthours) in the languages Dutch – Hungarian – English.

The temperatures shown here are the 24 hour averages. It would be nice if we could use these for the current day. With some corrections during the day that might be possible, but it is not necessary for the current day. Goal is that the 3 day average temperature and radiation agree, so not necessary for every single day.

Example today we have 1150 Joule, goal for 24 hour temperature is for standard growth 16,1 oC. If you want an eary crop, and you the LAI is good enough you can also raise your temperatures and use the “fast growing” column, thus with 1150 Joule go for 18oC temperature.

Calculation of radiation from your LEDS:
capacity of LED in umol/m2/sec x 0,0036 = PAR mol/m2/hour
Example: capacity LED 200 umol/m2/s –> 200 x 0,0036 = 0,72 mol/m2/hour PAR
10 hours light from LED = 7,2 mol/m2/day PAR

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