Bugs this week – wk 23

This week again several new pictures of bugs.

Especially the lady bug eggs look great. We saw them in the Northern part of Germany (Area Langförden).

The other predators for aphids where also quite nice available this week: Aphidius, Praon, Aphidoletes. Just nic to see so many predators. They are needed, because the numbers of Aphids are increasing. But with some good natural sircumstances around the crops, they are not a big issue (although they may become).

Against spidermites there where some nice feltiella and andersoni active.

Most important way of getting these is:
-don’t use insecticides,
-don’t use too much oil or wetting agent if you have to spray
-take care of natural circumstances aournd the strawberries: for example bushes, flower zones etc will help a lot.
-don’t be too clean and accept some weeds and flowers around the strawberries (seems contraproductive, but isn’t always).

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