Wonderful and great to work in the horticulture. It is really amazing to see all the small excellents, beautiful elements the whole Creation is build from. For example just this week i have seen the balance of aphids and hoverflies in a raspberry crop. For 10 days i visited this German grower and her raspberries where really full of Aphids. Huge amounts. Also hoverflies flying around.
As i visited her yesterday (10 days later), almost no aphids left: al taken care of by the larva of the hoverfly. And that in just 10 days time.

In the following video you can see it. Please have focus also on the left overs of the aphids: skin, but also the black honeydew as a sign of how many aphids where there for 10 days ago. And now..

My name is Klaas Plas. I am born in 1966 in the Netherlands. In 1989, my wife Margreet and i married. And since then we got 5 children: 4 boys and 1 girl. I grew up in a Christian family. I am my parents thankful, that the showed me, the God that loves us. Loves us where we choose our way in live, He always gives the possibility to return to Him. He never leaves us alone, but is there ready for us.

Bio Strawberries

Wonderful The complexity of the nature. Every living creature has a manual written with Godly fingers: DNA. So complex, so great in its functioning. Cell walls seem so simple but exist of several thousand types of lipids, all on its own place to have a proper functioning wall. Possible to keep molecules out, to let some sometimes in, to let some sometimes out etc.
Cells that differentiate to leafs, or some to roots, or some to flowers or to stomata etc. (Minden mi él)
Experience After the Agricultural university i have been working as consultant in vegetables and strawberry for DLV-plant.
1998 we went to Romania. There we worked as folunteers for a Christian ngo (DAI) as projectmanger for an agricultural development project in 16 vilages above Oradea (close to the Hungarian border). Goal: help families to develop their income from the agriculture and horticulture. The project had 3 parts: Arable crops; livestock (pigs / milkcows); Horticulture (vegetables and strawberries). With a team of consultants we organized demonstrations (varieties, production technology etc), studygroups so that more families could gain information from the project. 
2002 growers from Transcarpathia (Ukraine) asked DAI and Fundament foundation to start up a comparable project there as well. So we moved to Transcarpathia (Petrovo). There we have been working till january 2007. Next to our work we also were active in the local church and village. 
2007 The project in Ukraine ended, we got to move back to the Netherlands. I became consultant again now 90-95% for soft fruit (strawberry, raspberry, blackberry) growers at DLV-Plant. Very beautiful crops with a lot of questions and possibilities of development. And last but not least a very nice product with an excellent taste.
2010 Started with my own company for soft fruit consultancy: Berry Konsult.
At this moment i am consultant for growers in the following countries: Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, Australia, Canada, Romania, Ukraine, Slovakia and Poland.

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