I like growing strawberries. I like assisting growers very much. But we have to live from something…

Consultancy for strawberry growers is always tailor made. There is no standard plant, there are no standard circumstances, there are no standard growers. Everything is different. Also the way of consultancy is different. Consultancy and its way depend for more then 50% on you as grower. Who are you in live, how do you want to run your company and how do you see your future.  What is your view for your crops, for your own development, for your employees, for your market. As that differs, consultancy differs also. The connecting line for all the growers i visit is to be a sparring partner, to think with you. 
Although there are much different ways of consultancy, several products are quite standardized. Here below you see a list with products and a price indication.

Fertilization plan (substrate) : 40€ for the first, second: for the same location: 30€
    Based on
        Development stage / growing conditions
        Vegetative / generative balance
        Drain water analysis or Substrate analysis or DM leaf analysis

Fertilization plan (soil)                 60€    Based on
        Development stage / growing conditions
        Vegetative / Generative balance
        Soil sample or DM leaf analysis

Problems with fertilization: 100€/hour    Based on:
        Pictures / reports / phone call
        DM leaf analysis / Soil analysis

Problems with quality of fruits:  100€/hour     Based on:        Pictures / reports / phone call
        Climate report (login into Climate computer)

Biological control advice                100€/hour     Based on:
        Pests / Diseases: pictures / phone call / lab results
        Growing conditions
        Used chemicals for plant protection
        Available Predators and Biological plant protection products
Calibrate EC for substrate moisture measurement equipment     IMKO: HD2 / pico 32                                100€
You can always ask for a price-offer. 

Strawberries without Plantprotection
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