Prepare fertilizer

Preparing of the A and B container can be done in a few steps:
1- Fill the containers for 70-80% with water
2-Add acid according to the recipe
A-container advice pH 3,5-5,0
B-container advice: lower as 5,5, but in case of some silicon fertilizers higher as 4,5
3-Thoroughly mixing
4-Add the fertilizers after each other while mixing.
A-container: Acid – Calciumnitrate – Potassiumnitrate – Ammoniumnitrate
B-container: Acid – Monopotassiumphosphate – Potassiumnitrate – Magnesiumsulfate – Potassiumnitrate – Ammoniumnitrate
5- Fill the containers till the desired level
6- Add the micro elements (dissolved in warm water)
7- mix thoroughly