Christmas 2022 new year 2023

A time to think back and look forward.
Thinking back, you may see the pictures in this post. All a beauty in itselve i think. For me every picture shows the huge complexity around strawberry. A very small part of creation, where from strawberries not even 1% is discovered or known of what is good to know.
I see:
– growers working as good as they can to grow beautifull and dilicious strawberries
– propagators, using all their time and energy to have excellent plants
– breeders investing all their knowledge for better varieties
How many man-years would it take a breeder to breed a new variety: 10 man-years?
And what about whole new strawberry plants? How many man-years would it take to breed or produce 1 strawberry plant out of nothing. In all its complexity: evaporation, stomata, roots, energy production, hormons, photosynthesis, pollination, plant reaction to: humidity, temperature, insects, fungi etc.

Looking forward, take your time to enjoy the crop you are working with. In all its beauty, complexity, excellent taste etc.
For me to see all this complexity and the work we do to keep them as good and beautiful as possible, also means, it didn’t pop up just out of the nothing. A great Infinite Designer made them for our joy.
Christmas means for me: after this year, a new one is waiting. After this life, a new one is waiting, because Christ made it possible.

Wish: blessings in Christmas, blessings for the new year and joy in your life.

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