Bugs this week 16

Take care, pictures may be schocking..

But they still – they are the good guys. Although, not all of them…

you may recognize:
Ladybird Beatle
Lacewing larva – very hungry
Aphidolethes wasp and larva – good against aphids
Leaf wasp – can do quite some damage in Strawberries


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Bugs this week – wk 14 – aphids under attack

First a little difference in rooting of plants. The pictures below show 2 substrates with both plantings of 1 month (cold weather) on the same field. Rootings differ essentially. First picture is peat, 2nd and 3rd are Cococoir.
It doesn’t essential need to be the difference in substrate, but can be the moisture content of the substrate also. Where Coco keeps its humidity better als peat, but still drains very well if too much irrigated.


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Some bugs from last week.


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Life Live Eastern Passover

Strawberries are one of the firstfruits in the Spring.
First life to develop
they show what is to come
a bright future of beautifull crops growing
Beauty – Bright red colour – Delicious.
That is the message of Eastern:
Life – a lot is still to come.
Live – because there is a lot to come
Don’t be affraid for death – there is still a lot to come.
Christ raised from the death – the best will come.

Happy Eastern / Passover for everyone.
Eastern story

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