Bugs this week (wk 26)

This week again a nice couple of good bugs. Especially lots of feltiella showing up in strawberries within some spots with spidermites.
Between these spidermites also a sofar unidentified help.
Especially the Feltiella and the Hoverflies can consume huge populations of Spidermites / Aphids.

The interesting thing in those predators on the picture, is that most of them are native and grew in that crop by themselves. I see more and more, that the area around the strawberries is very important for the development of a natural population of predators.

Below pictures of:
– Feltiella egg. Feltiella is a great consumer of spidermites. It may delete complete colonies of spidermites on leafs.
– Feltiella Larva 2x
– Feltiella pupa
– Hoverfly larva (huge aphid consumer)
– Lacewing egg
– Ladybug pupa
– Ladybug larva
– A type of ladybug: Stethorus punctillum (with thank to Markus Hofmann)

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