Grass – Straw – Berries

Grass / Clover or another cover crop can be a huge camechanger. I see more and more growers changing from an artificial soil cover to a cover crop. Main reasons are:
– much better climate:
– in hot summers it can be till 6 oC cooler with an active cover crop
– higher humidity or better a humidity buffer – causing less problems with mildew

  • Much better climate:
    • In hot summers it can be till 6oC cooler with an active cover crop
    • Higher humidity or better: a humidity buffer with smaller differences between higher and lower humidities. Causing significant less problems with mildew
  • Hiding place / buffer for predators. I normally see more and more predators like:
    • predatory mites
    • aphidius and aphidoletes – sometimes together with some aphids
    • hover flies
    • and sometimes lacewings


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