Bugs this week (30)

Yes, not only bugs. But a little more. I also smuggled a little mildew statistics in, and a little weed-climate issue.

Mildew statistics: Important to know about the scaling: 0 = no mildew; 3 just not acceptable; 5 = full with mildew. Two things are quite interesting i think:
– The total level of mildew is very acceptable, although growers hardly spray
– The everbearers don’t have mildew (or on a really low level). Although these growers dont spray.

Weeds below the table tops.
No, it doesn’t look that clean, but it has quite some advantages:
– Much better / stable climate. Especially in last weeks hot climate.
– Much more predators.

Flowers. Several flowers are attractive for Trips and or Orius. The differences between the flowers are quite huge. My son is doing a research right now after the differences between some of them. Good to see.


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Feltiella feeling good

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